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The NACTP established the Government Liaison Committee (GLC) to promote communication and cooperation between taxing agencies and its member companies.

The purpose of the NACTP Government Liaison Committee is to serve in an advisory role, providing a forum for taxing agencies and member companies to discuss issues of mutual concern. Discussions include forms design, distribution and approval; manual and automated tax return processing; and government compliance.

The Government Liaison Committee wants to establish consistency of computerized substitute tax forms throughout the tax processing industry. NACTP members follow basic standards when redesigning federal and state tax forms to make them compatible with hardware and software restrictions. Currently, the computerized tax processing industry generates as much as 76% of the total returns filed within some states. As the trend toward automated forms processing grows (including the use of scanning, bar coding, imaging and data capture), the need for information and expertise to be shared between the computerized tax processing industry and government taxing agencies increases. The need for consistent forms design also becomes more important.

The Government Liaison Committee actively works with many taxing agencies to assist in the smooth transition from manual to automated tax return processing technology. Areas of assistance include design and implementation of scannable forms, evaluation and implementation of bar code symbologies, and creation of specifications for automated forms processing.

Over half of the states have benefited from the services listed above through visits and/or conference calls with the Government Liaison Committee. When representatives from taxing agencies, automated processing vendors, and the computerized tax processing industry work together, they can resolve issues and make recommendations for improvement. When implemented, these recommendations can help taxing agencies streamline their return processing, resulting in reduced costs.

The Government Liaison Committee works with taxing agencies to create products that are compatible with new government processing systems. The committee’s Tax Form Design Standards and Guidelines assists in that effort.

The rapport established between government agencies and the NACTP becomes more apparent with time. The Government Liaison Committee welcomes the opportunity to continue to develop strong working relationships between member companies and government agencies.

A brochure for the Government Liaison Committee can be found here.