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These standards provide guidelines to be followed by taxing authorities who handle withholding, unemployment insurance, information reporting, and payroll issues.

The "Payroll and Information Reporting Standards" address electronic filing of wage documents, forms design, manual and automated return processing, and government compliance.

The "Payroll and Information Reporting Standards - Sample Specifications" is an Appendix to the Standards and includes samples electronic filing and forms specifications.

The "Guarantee Success by Supporting Various Efile Roles" document explains the various partners who will interact with an agency's electronic filing system, so that the agency can be certain that the requirements of all partners are met.

The "PIRC Efile Guidelines Short List" provides ten tips for implementing a successful new efile system.

Payroll and Information Reporting Standards
Payroll and Information Reporting Standards - Sample Specifications
Guarantee Success by Supporting Various Efile Roles
PIRC Efile Guidelines Short List